Freelance writing rates and prices

When you look at freelance writing rates, it’s vital to think about the value a freelance writer will bring to your business. When you hire the perfect writer, you’re not just paying for the writing itself, you’re getting much more.

My prices include the following — Understanding your needs and requirements, original research, a tailored approach, SEO optimization, close collaboration, reviews, communication, and original content creation. I combine that with my insight, experience, and expertise. 

In short, you’re getting exactly what you need to publish brilliant, compelling content that speaks with your voice and gets results. 

On demand freelance writing rates

I charge a flat fee per article, based on the length and complexity of the work.

Length and
word count
Very Short
Up to 500
500 to 800
800 to 1,200
1,200 to 1,500
Very Long
1,500 to 1,800
Per 200 words
Band A - Simple $125 $180 $270 $340 $400 $50
Band B - Technical $150 $200 $315 $390 $475 $60
Band C - Complex $160 $215 $330 $405 $490 $65
Band D - Very Complex n/a n/a n/a $450 $540 $70

Here’s what’s included in each band:

  • Band A – Simple – Straightforward articles and blog posts that do not need much additional research.

  • Band B – Technical – More technical blog posts and articles that require more substantial research.

  • Band C – Complex – Static web pages, case studies, reviews, reports, and other content that requires substantial research or several reviews.

  • Band D – Very Complex – White papers and other content that requires very extensive research and multiple reviews.

All prices are fully inclusive of the following:

  • Understanding your needs and requirements.

  • Standard research needed to complete the work.

  • SEO optimization based on keywords you provide.

  • Reasonable reviews and amends, based on your feedback.

  • Original content creation and writing.

  • Email communication and collaboration.

Additional notes:

  • All pieces will be towards the upper end of the word count shown.

  • Meetings, interviews, and reviewing audio or video files are not included in this pricing and are charged at $35 per 15 minutes. Any initial meeting or consultation is free of charge.

Retainer agreement freelance writing rates

Depending on my availability, I may be able to setup a retainer agreement with you. This guarantees work and lets you take advantage of preferential rates. 

  • Retainer contracts depend on my existing workload and retainer contracts.

  • Retainer work is discounted by between 5% and 10% of the rates above and is prioritized over other work.

  • You guarantee that you will order a certain number of articles of a certain length from me per month.

  • You agree to pay me for the retained number of pieces per month. If you do not use up all your retained pieces, I will credit an amount of 50% of the unused fee back to your invoice in the following month.

  • "Very complex" work is not available under a retainer agreement.

Other freelance writing rates

I also provide other services, priced as follows:

  • Sourcing images — A flat fee of $15 per image, plus the cost of purchasing the image (if needed).

  • Outlining — $40

  • We also provide proofreading and editing services, you can get a fixed price quote here.