Connect with your audience through powerful content

Bright, compelling writing is vital to helping your business stand out. You need an authentic approach, inspiring ideas, and a writer who can transform research into original, brilliant, powerful words. Together, we’ll get your readers to care about what you do and why you do it, through writing that creates trust, builds your reputation, and gets results.

I’m here with a simple promise — I’ll learn what’s important to you, find out what your readers need, and combine that into irresistible, unique, beautifully presented writing.

My experience and expertise lets me grab your audience's attention, share interesting themes, topics, and ideas with them, and perfectly positions your business for success.

Why I start by learning about your business

Your business values, principles, and authenticity let you stand apart. That’s why any great content comes from what really matters to you. My writing starts by learning what’s at the heart of your business and shaping those core values into a genuine, meaningful style and approach that resonates with your readers.



How I create content for your readers

Your readers want something specific from you. Whether it’s the solution to a problem, a unique product, inspirational content, excellent advice, or great information, every word matters. I’ll find out about your ideal audience and create worthwhile, practical content that speaks directly to their needs.


What makes writing powerful

Writing isn’t just about what you say or why you say it. Great writing uses your tone of voice, makes everything beautiful and easy to read, influences your audience, and creates powerful calls to action. In short, the best writing has a positive impact on you, your business, and the reader. It’s also a pleasure to write.

Freelance writing services

Everyone’s needs are different, and there are no shortcuts to great writing. That’s why I offer a variety of freelance writing services tailored to you.

Freelance writing portfolio

I have an extensive online portfolio of work, showing my freelance writing expertise sorted by type and topic. You can view my entire portfolio above or see my latest work below.

Freelance writing rates and prices

My original writing, research, insight, and expertise makes sure you get excellent value for money.

Areas of expertise

I research and write on many different areas, but specialize in business, entrepreneurship, finance, freelancing, technology, and health. Learn about how I can help you.


"Working with Paul was a great experience, he was able to understand my business and he wrote content that reflects my vision and the services I provide. The fact that he has a background in business and IT played a major role. He delivered on time and provided very good content."
Hassan Kanj, Founder, Qualtech Digital Services Agency

"Paul wrote new text for our consulting site. Both his work and his professionalism were excellent, and we were very happy with the results. Highly recommended."
Robert Goodman, Founder, Technical Interviewers

"Paul was a consummate professional and much needed expert in consulting, marketing, branding and strategy when we were starting our business.  His commitment to product and delivery in spite of our many changes was top class.  We would highly recommend Paul's services to any business, whether a small startup or established player."
Lisa McDonald, Co-Owner, Sanctuary Brewing Company.

"Thank you so much for your work. Before I started, I was a little hesitant but now I know who to contact if I need anything content and editing related. It was extremely easy to talk with you and you understood my request perfectly. I will certainly recommend you!" 
Mihai Slujitoru, Founder, Atlanta Freelance Web Design.

"Paul has been an excellent addition to my writing process. He’s able to take my technical articles and ideas and find context and meaning for my words. He’s also a great collaborator and his effort visibly shines through his work. He comes highly recommended."
Daniel Cazares, Software Engineer,

"I want to take a minute to thank you for your hard work and partnership on this.  Your work will enhance the overall site, which all of Global Technology Office will use and enable us to keep to just one site.  This is of huge benefits to my team and the organization as a whole.  Cheers!"
Nadine Coots, Director of Standards and Methodology, MetLife.